Bringing you the best from organic & premium food producers in the Eastern European region.

Our Story

We are a family-run business based in London, with our roots in Romania. We have a passion for quality food, by which we mean food that is as close to natural as possible, and is free from pesticides and other chemical additives.

 Eastern Europe is home to some of the richest soils and unspoilt agriculture in the world, and we are on a mission to help organic farmers and artisan producers sustain the terroir of this beautiful region. We want to share their products with customers who care about what they eat and how their food is grown.

 Our producers are hand-picked for their commitment to our mission and values, and take pride in maintaining the highest possible standards of honest, sustainable, food production.

Why it matters for food retailers

Today’s consumers are waking up to the need to make healthier food choices. They now ‘vote with their feet’ when it comes to buying cleaner food products, such as free-range, organic, and minimum spray. They want to know the source of their food and how sustainably it is produced and manufactured.

Online searches for organic and vegan foods are on the rise, and there is a desire for ever- increasing novelty in the highly developed UK food and drink sector.

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Our mission: To offer consumers the best quality natural and organic products from the Eastern European region.
Our values: Quality: we market only premium quality.
People: we work with those with a passion for this business and a commitment to excellence in all they do. 
Life: we offer products that are known to sustain general wellbeing and help people enjoy life.
Community: we strive to give back as we have been given, and donate 10% of our annual profits to charity.


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