A word from our founder, Nichi Boca

It all began with the bees…

 Fresh Organic Products was initially inspired by a small bee-keeping community living in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains in Romania. 

We discovered we had a shared vision – to offer natural honey of exceptional quality to the world at large. From here, we decided to form a partnership, and began working in close collaboration between Romania and London.

 It is no easy task to find unrefined produce on supermarket shelves in large cities like London. Nearly all honeys include added ingredients or have been pasteurised. They may have the appearance of honey, but lack the natural health benefits.  

We decided that the main aim of our beekeeping business would be to cultivate 100% pure honey and to care for the bees who make it. This would ensure its nutritional integrity and support a truly sustainable operation. The bees would always come first, leaving enough honey and pollen in the honeycombs to cover their nutritional needs. 

Equipped with years of knowledge and experience, this was easy for our Carpathian companions to deliver on. They did and do as they have always done – which is to maintain healthy bees and keep them safe from harm. 

In return, the bees continue to reward us with magnificent honey with amazing flavours and extraordinary health benefits. We believe that raw honey is a gift to us from nature, and we are delighted to be able to share this gift with you. 

 And now it continues to grow…

Our passion for premium quality honey is now expanding in new directions, as we come to know many more food artisans and edible treasures of the Eastern European region. Our mission has extended to offer people, especially from the UK and Ireland, the best quality natural and organic produce from this unique part of the world.

Our love of quality extends to people We work alongside bright, motivated people who put their heart and soul into the business, and enjoy what they do. We put our energy exclusively into products that support good health, and are thought to improve vitality and wellbeing.

We also believe in giving back, since nature is so good to us, and donate 10% of all our profits to charity, especially those related to children (the ultimate sustainable project!).

…In more ways than one!

As Fresh Organic Products grows, so does our family, raised on fresh, natural produce in keeping with our values. We are passionate about supplying like-minded UK families, through the trade, with premium quality, chemically clean, delicious, and interesting food products from our Eastern European homeland. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do, and wish you good health, happy days and brisk vitality!

Nichi Boca,
 Founder and Managing Director

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