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Because we respect the human health, we want to offer to the consumers only all natural products, sugar free, preservatives free, food additives free.
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What is Carpathian Treasure?

To understand Carpathian Treasure is to understand the Carpathian Mountains, a 1500km range stretching from East to West across the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Romania. This region produces a bounty of natural food products that have been among the world’s best kept secrets – until now.

More than half of this majestic range is in Romania, where the richness of the soil supports a number of small food producers. The food that comes from this unspoilt paradise is just the opposite of the poor quality, genetically modified, additive-contaminated, mass food production that is fast overwhelming our collective food supply.

The Carpathian Treasure Brand Promise

Every product in the Carpathian Treasure range must meet three conditions in order for us to bring it to market:
1. It must be from the pristine Carpathian Mountain region (Romania, Ukraine & Moldova).
2. It must be grown as cleanly as possible, and ideally be certified organic.
3. It must be made from natural ingredients, with no artificial additives This means that every one of our products is derived from mineral-rich soil (contrary to much of today’s produce), is as ‘clean’ as can be (free from pesticides and other chemicals commonly used in the production of food), and is all-natural, with no artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives.

A bigger mission than clean food…
 Carpathian Treasure was born out of one family’s desire to share the clean food riches of their mountainous Romanian homeland with the rest of the world, and an equally strong impulse to support traditional food producers in the Carpathian region. These artisan farmers nurture traditional food production techniques, and protect our food supply.

Every product of their labour purchased supports your health, their work and true sustainability – of human lives and natural ecosystems. We also donate at least 10% of our profits to charity, so you can enjoy your delicious product while lending a helping hand.

Carpathian Treasure Natural Products
Premium Raw Honey

Carpathian Treasure raw honeys are harvested from the hives of busy, happy bees, protected by artisan beekeepers of the Carpathian Mountains. These pure, premium honeys come straight from the hive and are not heated, pasteurised or processed in any way. They retain as much of the goodness of natural honey as possible, and reflect the unique taste of rich Carpathian Mountain flora.

Raw honey has been used down the centuries for its antibacterial, wound healing, anti- inflammatory, gastrointestinal and other positive health benefits. Unlike processed honey, it retains all its natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other healthy bee products, like pollen and propolis.

Carpathian Treasure premium raw honey is free from the chemicals and antibiotics increasingly used on commercial hives. It comes direct from healthy bees, just as nature intended.

Raw Pollen Honey

Raw Acacia honey

Raw Forest Honey

Raw Linden honey

Pure Apple Crisps

Carpathian Treasure Apple Crisps are made from apples harvested from the unspoilt, chemical-free orchards of growers in Moldova. Once picked, these juicy, nutrient-rich fruits are sliced and dried to seal in maximum nutritional value. 

Made from fresh apples, these unique and delicious snacks can be consumed with the reassurance of freedom from chemicals and GMO. With less than 1% non-apple ingredients*, these healthy, naturally sweet and tasty snacks make the perfect, healthy, lunch-box treat – but try stopping at one pack!

Original Apple Snack

Vanilla Apple snack

Cinnamon Apple Snack

*Non-GMO corn syrup and natural palm oil create the distinctive, crispy texture, while ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) extends shelf-life.

Traditional Grissini (non GMO)

Carpathian Treasure Grissini are made according to traditional recipes and principles from all-natural ingredients.

Originating in 17 th Century Italy, grissini were first found in Piedmont, in response to disruptions to the food supply. When food was scarce, the locals invented this compact, nutrient-dense alternative to bread, which they called grissini.

Grissini are crisp bread sticks, enriched with vitamins and minerals from natural ingredients, such as olive oil, sea salt, and seeds and herbs of all kinds. Now a firm favourite among the people of the Carpathian region, Carpathian Treasure Grissini make the perfect, elegant appetiser accompaniment or delicious savoury snack.

Grissini with Poppy Seeds

Grissini with Rosemary

Grissini with Lavender

Grissini with Sesame Seeds

Grissini Original

Grissini with Tomato and Oregano

Pristine Birch Water

Carpathian Treasure Birch Water is the pure sap harvested from birch trees, which has been enjoyed by rural communities in Eastern Europe for many centuries. Every Spring, this living water is sustainably harvested by locals in the Carpathian Mountain region ( Bukovina- Ukraine) and taken as a refreshing tonic and health elixir.

Birch water contains a combination of micronutrients unique to the birch tree. It is traditionally consumed to help with the following:
1. Health benefits: detox, weight loss, antioxidants for general wellbeing, healthy liver, kidney, heart and teeth.
2. Energetic benefits: less fatigue, more energy, more vitality.
3. Cosmetic benefits: cellulite reduction, anti-ageing, reduced hair loss, rejuvenated skin and hair.

Birch water has been one of Eastern Europe’s best kept secrets, but now, thanks to Carpathian Treasure, you can enjoy its benefits, too. Drinking this remarkable water not only supports the loveliest you, but also the economy and people of Ukraine.

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